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2020 Rugby

Boys (for 2020)

U6 - born 2014 | U8 - born 2012 | U10 - born 2010 | U12 - born 2008 | U14 - born 2006 | U17 - born 2004 or 2003

Girls (for 2020)

Girls are permitted to play with boys' in the U6 to U12 age grades.

Girls Rugby 7's aged U13 -U17's

Fees and Payments

Registration fees consist of four levies from Brumbies Rugby Union, Southern Inland Rugby Union, Rugby Australia/Insurance and our Club. The Club's levy is used to fund a range of expenses including:

  • Power, water and rates, leases

  • Uniforms

​Recognising the expense of children's sports, our club has reduced fees for the last two season - 2019 season and again for the 2020 season. We are proud to be able to lower the cost of children's rugby. 

The assistance from NSW Government is available

Discounts available when registering 3 or more children and $10 every child after that 

Under 6s Touch $100.00

Under 8s Tackle $120.00      Under 10s Tackle $120.00    Under 12s Tackle $120.00

Under 14s Tackle $130.00    Under 16s Tackle $130.00

Touch 7s Winter - 

Under 10s Touch $100.00


7s Junior Girls -

Under 13s Tackle $100.00    Under 15s Tackle $100.00  Under 17s Tackle $100.00

* Girls Tackle is less than boys is that the Association fee, State Fee and Rugby Insurance is charged at a lower rate from Rugby AU than the XVs Junior



Our Club is now open registrations and all registrations are completed using the Rugby Xplorer system. Rugby Xplorer is available online and through an app (iPhone and Android). ​

Vouchers and concessions are processed at registration.



Training and Registration

Once registered, players receive:

  • Match jersey - returned to the Club at the end of the season


Players provide:

  • Match socks - can be purchased from the Club to keep

  • Match shorts - can be purchased from the Club to keep 

  • Mouth guard

  • Boots

  • Any other protective clothing they choose to wear (e.g. head gear) 



U6 and U 8 grades are non competitive with no championships or final series. U10's and above complete for a championship with a finals series at the end of the season. All matches are scheduled for every second Sunday.

Hustle and Heart set us apart

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